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How to Enlarg your peni Naturally|weight loss tips

penus pumps,how do you make your penus bigger
ED  Foods

For increasing the size of penis,there are different methods.
One way use surgeries  or mechanical vacuum pumps and also pills.
One  way also use  certain foods to bring about a desired extension

foods for enlargement

There are various foods that can increase the size of the phallus.
The 4 very common foods are:


-They have potassium that can because blood circulation  in the body.
-They are good for the heart and make it strong.
-Regular eating can help add one or two inches.
-Salmon are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
-These acids helps get rid of the fat stored in the arteries.
-Reduction in fat in arteries is equivalent to an increase in overall blood flow
-More blood flow means an increase in the size of phallus.
-They are very common and they are used in daily life.
-They are made up of some good proteins.
-The proteins help cleanse the blood of  toxins and purify it;.
-They help in Penis enlargement in a very clean way.
-They help in clearing the blood of the toxic chemicals present inside.
-They increase  the blood flow throughout the body.

These foods help in overall pumping of the blood throughout the body and especially in the penis areas.
The increased blood flow brings on an increase in size and provides and addition on 1 or 2 inches.Some of
these foods are also helpful in cleansing the blood and detoxifying the body.

Causes of erection  dysfunction:

Cause #1 Hypertension
-Two common ones said to contribute to erectial dysfunction  are diabetes and hypertension.
-Anywhere between 35-50% of guys with diabetes suffer's due to high blood-sugar levels where walls of the arteries thicken
 and harden,restricting blood-flow to the penis.
-Some of the  drugs used to treat hypertension can actually make erectyle dysfunction worse!
-While changing diet ca n help diabetes, a guy would still respond to any sexual impulses in high-sugar foods in the first place
-This usually means tension mistaken for strength-mode on this  in a moment..
Cause#2 Drugs
-This include recreational drugs as well as pharmaceuticals.
-Guys are compelled to take drugs of any kind  because they have already lost are losing control over  sexual impulses in their body.
-The effect is  they substitute  lack of feeling often by mixing drugs,like Viagra and Ecstasy.
-All this does is help to  speed up erectile dysfunction-but it's not the cause..
-Marijuana usually comes  up here-it's natural and can help to relax the body..
-In the moment it might even make you feel hornier but long term it will feed into  the cause of your erectile dysfunction.
-Like heroine,cocaine and may others that might seem to help-eventually thy take their  toll because..
-They train you  to rely on external forces rather than natural system in your body.
Cause #3 Smoking
-These are drugs of course-but they're legal so are more  readily available.
-Cigarettes restrict blood supply  and harden the arteries,including those in the penis
-But why do guys(or women)smoke?
-It's because they don't have  adequate control  of their thoughts or sexual impulses within the body.
-Just like recreational drugs,alcohale can relax  you for a little while which might seem to help your erection.
-In the long-term it depresses your central nervous system...heard of "drinkers" droop?
-Feeling and apparent immediate positive to recreate and increase the good feeling-they  force  ti  and stuff up their  natural libido.
Cause#4 Hormonal Imbalance
-Testosterone doesn't directly  dictate libido levels(think of young boyd who get erections yet have close to zero testosterone.
-However,it does affect dopamine levels which trigger the erection-chain-of command
-So a lack of testosterone can seem like a  cause..
-By age 40-50,testosterone does begin to  decline until 70 years old where it dips  to about 30% of what it was.
-This seems to correlate with increases instances of erectile dysfunction  in older men.
-Yet only 5% of men with ED are testosterone  deficient.
-Again-there is gap in perception about and erectile dysfunction cause and reslulting effect.
Cause#5 Psychological
-Stress,anxiety,guilt,depression,low self-esteem,fear of sexual failure.
-All these represent 10-20% of cases of men with erectile dysfunction.
-But  nobody points out  or even asks about the underlying cause of Why these negative emotions & mental  states come about  then keep
 hanging around.(They are treat as self-standing) But performance Anxiety Is Real..?
-Yes,and as a result,your brain releases chemicals that constrict the smooth muscle of the penis and the arteries.
-In turn,this decreases blood-flow into the penis and also increases blood-flow out.
-Like  I said though,this effect (like all the rest) is not linear-it c an definitely add to and even speed up erectile dysfunction but..They
 are still effects..,the question is:
-Here is the crux of the  conflicting information  on ED.
-you don't have a lack  of control over your penis & libido because of some other problems.
-you have some other problem(or two) because you've  gradually  lost control over your pens & libido.
-After all,sexual energy is the most powerful and potent force available to men.

So what do you about it.? well,the root problem or cause of ED is how you physically and mentally relate to impulses within the body.More specially,the lack
of impulses.Th first thing you have to do is to stop what you have been doing!

-Put another way-do you know your sexual history?
-If you don't you are doomed to repeat  it.
-Unless you become aware of where,when & how erectile dysfunction sparks,grows & develops,you will  forever be playing catch-up
-The sprail-effect of your erectile dysfunction will just get worse & worse..


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