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How to Enlarg your peni Naturally|weight loss tips

penus pumps,how do you make your penus bigger
ED  Foods

For increasing the size of penis,there are different methods.
One way use surgeries  or mechanical vacuum pumps and also pills.
One  way also use  certain foods to bring about a desired extension

foods for enlargement

There are various foods that can increase the size of the phallus.
The 4 very common foods are:


-They have potassium that can because blood circulation  in the body.
-They are good for the heart and make it strong.
-Regular eating can help add one or two inches.
-Salmon are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
-These acids helps get rid of the fat stored in the arteries.
-Reduction in fat in arteries is equivalent to an increase in overall blood flow
-More blood flow means an increase in the size of phallus.
-They are very common and they are used in daily life.
-They are made up of some good proteins.
-The proteins help cleanse the blood of  toxins and purify it;.
-They help in Penis enlargement in a very clean way.
-They help in clearing the blood of the toxic chemicals present inside.
-They increase  the blood flow throughout the body.

These foods help in overall pumping of the blood throughout the body and especially in the penis areas.
The increased blood flow brings on an increase in size and provides and addition on 1 or 2 inches.Some of
these foods are also helpful in cleansing the blood and detoxifying the body.

Causes of erection  dysfunction:

Cause #1 Hypertension
-Two common ones said to contribute to erectial dysfunction  are diabetes and hypertension.
-Anywhere between 35-50% of guys with diabetes suffer's due to high blood-sugar levels where walls of the arteries thicken
 and harden,restricting blood-flow to the penis.
-Some of the  drugs used to treat hypertension can actually make erectyle dysfunction worse!
-While changing diet ca n help diabetes, a guy would still respond to any sexual impulses in high-sugar foods in the first place
-This usually means tension mistaken for strength-mode on this  in a moment..
Cause#2 Drugs
-This include recreational drugs as well as pharmaceuticals.
-Guys are compelled to take drugs of any kind  because they have already lost are losing control over  sexual impulses in their body.
-The effect is  they substitute  lack of feeling often by mixing drugs,like Viagra and Ecstasy.
-All this does is help to  speed up erectile dysfunction-but it's not the cause..
-Marijuana usually comes  up here-it's natural and can help to relax the body..
-In the moment it might even make you feel hornier but long term it will feed into  the cause of your erectile dysfunction.
-Like heroine,cocaine and may others that might seem to help-eventually thy take their  toll because..
-They train you  to rely on external forces rather than natural system in your body.
Cause #3 Smoking
-These are drugs of course-but they're legal so are more  readily available.
-Cigarettes restrict blood supply  and harden the arteries,including those in the penis
-But why do guys(or women)smoke?
-It's because they don't have  adequate control  of their thoughts or sexual impulses within the body.
-Just like recreational drugs,alcohale can relax  you for a little while which might seem to help your erection.
-In the long-term it depresses your central nervous system...heard of "drinkers" droop?
-Feeling and apparent immediate positive to recreate and increase the good feeling-they  force  ti  and stuff up their  natural libido.
Cause#4 Hormonal Imbalance
-Testosterone doesn't directly  dictate libido levels(think of young boyd who get erections yet have close to zero testosterone.
-However,it does affect dopamine levels which trigger the erection-chain-of command
-So a lack of testosterone can seem like a  cause..
-By age 40-50,testosterone does begin to  decline until 70 years old where it dips  to about 30% of what it was.
-This seems to correlate with increases instances of erectile dysfunction  in older men.
-Yet only 5% of men with ED are testosterone  deficient.
-Again-there is gap in perception about and erectile dysfunction cause and reslulting effect.
Cause#5 Psychological
-Stress,anxiety,guilt,depression,low self-esteem,fear of sexual failure.
-All these represent 10-20% of cases of men with erectile dysfunction.
-But  nobody points out  or even asks about the underlying cause of Why these negative emotions & mental  states come about  then keep
 hanging around.(They are treat as self-standing) But performance Anxiety Is Real..?
-Yes,and as a result,your brain releases chemicals that constrict the smooth muscle of the penis and the arteries.
-In turn,this decreases blood-flow into the penis and also increases blood-flow out.
-Like  I said though,this effect (like all the rest) is not linear-it c an definitely add to and even speed up erectile dysfunction but..They
 are still effects..,the question is:
-Here is the crux of the  conflicting information  on ED.
-you don't have a lack  of control over your penis & libido because of some other problems.
-you have some other problem(or two) because you've  gradually  lost control over your pens & libido.
-After all,sexual energy is the most powerful and potent force available to men.

So what do you about it.? well,the root problem or cause of ED is how you physically and mentally relate to impulses within the body.More specially,the lack
of impulses.Th first thing you have to do is to stop what you have been doing!

-Put another way-do you know your sexual history?
-If you don't you are doomed to repeat  it.
-Unless you become aware of where,when & how erectile dysfunction sparks,grows & develops,you will  forever be playing catch-up
-The sprail-effect of your erectile dysfunction will just get worse & worse..

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Medication For Diabetes|weight loss tips

 glucose,diabetes news,drug side effects
Diabetes medication

Home Remedies for diabetes

Type 2 diabetes medications can play a key role in the management of your blood sugar."if diet and exercise
do not help maintain normal or near-normal blood glucose levels,your doctor may prescribe medication.Since these
drugs help lower your blood  sugar levels in different ways,your doctor may have you take more than one."
Type 2 diabetes medication come in different classes,some fo the medications are taken orally(by mouth) while
others are injected.The different classes of type 2 diabetes medications work in different  ways within the body
to help lower your blood sugar level.Below is prescription list of 3 different ways the drugs for type 2 diabetes work along with
classes and examples of those medications:

Typ  2 dibetes medications that increase insulin production in your body include:

Diabetes Risk Factors

Dipeptidly-peptidase 4(DPP-4)
These drugs are taken orally and examples are saxagliptin(onglayza) and Sitagliptin(Januvia)
"This  drug does not cause weight gain.
"This drug may lead to upper respiratory tract infections,sore throat and headaches;Sitagliptin may be
associated with inflammation of the pancreas.
Glucagon-like peptide 1(GLP-1)agonists.
This drugs are administered by injection and an example is Exenatide(Byeta)
"This drug may promote weight loss"
"This drug may cause nausea,headaches and dizziness;rarer kidney problems  may aslo results.
The Best  foods for Diabetics

These drugs are taken  orally and examples areRepaglinide(prandin) and Nateglinide(Starlix).
"This drug works quickly.
"This drug may cause low blood  sugar promote weight gain.

These  drugs  are taken  orally and  example are Glipizide(Glucotrol),Glimpiride(Amaryl),and
Glayburide(DiaBeta or Glynase).
"This drug works  quickly and can be  used alone or combined with other diabetes medications.
"This  drug may cause low blood sugar and  nausea and it may promote weight gain.

Type 2 diabetes medications that  improve the effectiveness of insulin in your body include:

These  drugs are taken orally and examples are(Fortamet, Glucophage, and others).
"This drug does  not promote weight gain and  may decrease LDL  cholesterol and triglycerides.
"This drug may cause nausea and diarrhea;rarer harmful buildup of lactic acid may occur

These drugs are taken orally and examples are Rosiglitazone(Avandia) and Pioglitazone(Actos).
"This drug may slightly increase HDL cholesterol.
"This drug may cause swelling and wight gain that  could complicate heart failure;may increase
LDL  cholesterol;my increase risk of  heart attack;rarer liver problems may occur.

Type 2 diabetes medications that affect food  absorption in your body include:

Alpha-glucosidase inhabitors:
These drugs are taken orally and examples are Acarbose(Precose)and Miglitol(Glyset).
"This drug does not promote weight gain.
"This drug may cause nausea and diarrhea.

Note(your doctor will help  you select the type 2 diabetes medications that  are right for
your individual needs.)

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The Best food for type 2 Diabetic

food nutrition chart,healthy living,protein rich foods
Foods for Diabetes

Type 2 diabetics

These are both healthy,beneficial and  of course perfect for  people with both types of Diabetes.Before we get started,I just wanted  to share a quick little tip for you who are just starting out with healthy eating and different,and that have a hard time getting rid of all the carbohydrates.
A great thing with protein and fat is that is slow down the conversion from food to blood sugar,which means if you're still eating carbohydrates-even though  I recommend trying to get rid of as much as possible.

Function  of protein

you can add fat and  protein to your meal to slow down the absorption of the carbohydrates,which means you will not get as strong peak in the blood sugar as you would have with the carbohydrates alone.

Foods List

Now,that a day,it still affects your blood sugar but just for you who hasn't started out or have a 100%'s step in the right direction.Now,Let's  look at those top 10 healthiest  that does not affect the blood  sugar.Bare in mind that this list of foods has no specific order and the first or last one doesn't mean they're the best or healthiest.
1; Onion and Garlic
Are very healthy and beneficial and is actually the food that has less pesticides and chemicals of the conventional food(if you feel that organic is too expensive)which makes it cheaper and easier to buy since it's not that big difference between the organic ones.So eating garlic is really awesome for TONS of stuff.It helps for example with:
High cholesterol
Diabetes & Blood Sugar          
Yeast Infections
Boost Immune System
Increase absorption of Iron & Zone
Cold & Flu
Anti Fungal
Onions are a very good source of vitamin C,  B6, Biotin, Chromium  ,Calcium and Dietary Fiver.In addition they contain good amounts of Folic Acid and Vitamin B and K.It's also great help fo the liver.
2-Leafy Greens
This is the most important part of my meals  Leafy greens are  so healthy,full of micronutrious like vitamins and minerals,are very benefits for the body in so many ways and they are alkaline which supports a tremendous amount of health.This is  just pure super food with no effect on the blood sugar.
3-Fatty Seeds
Healthy seeds full of healthy fats like flax seeds,pumpkins seeds,sunflower,seeds,chia seeds and alfalfa seeds are super  healthy  and very high in fat and protein and have either no  carbs or low amount and almost exclusively  all of those carbs are dietary fiber.
This is truly my candy throughout the day! It's delicious can be used in many ways and easy to prepare and eat,have as snack or whatever you want.Avocado is full of healthy  vitamin and minerals as well and also have a great amount of the healthy  fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.It's full of Vitamin A.C,E,K,B6,Folate and it's also anti-inflammatory.
Coconut,if you eat the raw meat,coco flakes or the coconut oil,you will not have to worry about your blood sugar since Coconut has high amount of fat and most of the carbs are dietary fiber and has basically no  Glycemic at all.I always use  coconut oil if i cook something (which is very carefully) and i also just eat it as it isor use it for baking raw deserts  of some sort.
Nuts like walnuts,hazelnuts,peanuts or  almonds are super high in healthy fats and proteins as well,barely any carb(which again is just dietary fiber) and is very anti-inflammatory.Short said: Nuts are healthy,great snacks that doesn't mess with your blood sugar:Just be little more careful with the cashew as they tend to have more carbs but again,it's nothing like a glass of juice or a snickers  bar but i've seen a little raise in my blood sugar with cashew when i really go nuts and eat like 100-200 grams of  it.Which makes sense since the Glycemic load is 11 per 100 gram and over 15 it is classified as affecting the blood sugar so ti's close but the other ones are no problem.
Basi,cilntro,oregano,mint,lemon balm and so on are very good because they have basically no macronutrients.which is the proteins.,the fat and the carbs,but instead  a lot of vitamins and minerals so they have no effect on the blood sugar but gives  great taste to food and have healthy vitamins and minerals and a lot of cleansing and healing properties.Make sure they are organic and fresh or do as i do,plant your own!
A great source of the very essential vitamin B12 and good amount of protein and fat.No effect on the blood sugar and a great way to start the day and they're easy to cook and cheap  as well.What not to love? just be careful nt to eat too much since eggs are dairy product which makes our body acids so compensate with an avocado and some salad to it,that's what,I do for breakfast and I love it!
9-Butter & Cheese
Again,this is top 10 foods that doesn't affect the blood sugar and even thought you might know promote a very high alkaline diet for some people or in some times,you hae to use some dairy products and that's ok, as long as it's not more than the alkanline food and not too often.So here goes number 9 which is Butter and Cheese.
Oils are 100%  fat and you got to be ver delicate and careful with what you choose.I only use organic coconut oil,organic coild pressed extra virgin oliveoili or organic hemp oil.I always  make sure that is's organic,high quality and nothing bogus in it because using normal conventional sunflower oil,or palm oil and  all those other mixes are just pure crap and bottles of chemicals shit storm,frankly speaking.
1-Onions and garlic a great body cleansers in so many ways
2-Leafy greens,these are just made  for everything and  is truly super food
3-Seeds  can be used in several ways,full of  great fats and vitamins & minerals.
4-Avocado.My personal favorite that is the perfect snacks and side dish to any meal.
5-Coconut,Full of fat,delicious flavor and comes in many ways and forms like oils,fat,flakes,flour and so on.
6-Nuts,Great snack and replacement for candy and great to have instead of  cereal or granola in your yogurt or milk
7-Herbs,Mostly full of micronutrients instead of protein,fats and carbs and of course spice up the food and make it more alive and has many ways to benefits the body and your overall health.
8-Eggs,perfect fo breakfast a lot  uses in baking and cooking and a  great source of the essential Vitamin B12
9-Butter and cheese,Acid for the body so keep it in moderation but as  you know has many uses in our lives and cheese is delicious to frikin everything in my opinion.Full of fat,no problem for the blood sugar.
10-Oils,That we also have great use for in our kitchen.

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Workout for weight loss

 best yoga for weight loss,yoga lose weight,weight loss workout

  Abdominal Region:
  The Forward Bending Pose,the Bow Pose,the peacock Pose,
  the spinal twist  and the Triangle pose.
2-The Arms:
  Definitely the peacock pose!the Wheel Pose,the side back pose
  and the  4-limb staff pose.
3-The Thighs:
  The Bow Pose,The shoulder-stand,the Hero Pose,the triangle and wheel poses.
4-Love Handles:
  The spinal twist,the triangle pose,(with practice)the side Crow Poses,(for ease)
  the side plank pose.
  I realize the spots above are the ones most of us seem to target  when trying  to lose weight,so
  I have made sure to go over them first.

Hot Yoga for weight loss too will help:

One  pose that some Yogis and Yoginis state to be a versatile enough pose for the whole body will be the
shoulder-Stand.It is best practiced with  its counter  poses,in facet,since thiese poses have effects  on
the  metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our lives,it will be safe to say never execute a yoga pose without counter posing
it.You may throw some tings out of normalcy.Here's brief overview on the shoulder-stand as a yoga pose for weight loss plans:
Spread a thick blanket on the floor and place your yoga mat on it.Lie on the back.Slowly  raise the legs.Lift trunk,hips and legs
to a vertical position.Rest the elbows firmly on the floor and support the back with both hands.Raise the legs till they become vertical.
Press the chin against the chest.This is the chin lock.While performing this pose,the back of the neck,the posterior part  of the head and
the shoulders should touch the floor.Breathe in counts of 5-5-5(inhalation,retention and exhalation).Don't allow the body to shake.Its counter
poses are the bridge and fish poses which  will target your forearms/thighs and chest/neck respectively.As i promised;here is the Breath of
Fire breathing exercise that you can add to your youga practice to speed up the burning of calories.
Breath of Fire Exercise
(aka Kapalabathi or Bellows Breath)
Take a few  breaths and eyes closed(as thy should be when performing all breathing exercise)make a sudden contraction of the abdomen  with a
backward push.This leads to a sudden yet firm expulsion of  staganant air from the lungs.


Now follow this with a sudden relaxation(which naturally makes the new air rush  in)now perform the exercise in this manner:passive inhalation  and
active expulsions at a rate of sudden abdominal push per second one after the other.A round should have 15-20 expulsions.Do not exceed 3 rounds.You
may gradually increase t 120 expulsions per round and then perform only 2 rounds.(As soon as you are doing 50 expulsions per round, do not exceed
2 rounds!)Between each round take a pause for about 30 seconds of normal breathing.Now there you have it,the information needed it get you started on
the use  of Yoga for weight loss:The poses for the trouble spots,the bellows breath,the shoulder-stand and the almighty Sun Salutations.

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abdominal exercises

belly fat burning exercises,foods that cause belly fat,easy ways to lose belly fat

Abdominal Exercise

Are you a  woman over 40.?you sick and tired of looking like you'd
carry an extra spare tire...?How would you like to get some easy
applicable exercises to lose belly fat In this short article I'll outline
a plan on how to do  exactly that.The first  thing to do is to have an
honest look at your eating habits,and,if necessary,change them.

I've used to skip  breakfast,thinking that i would eat less.But
that's not true :I've made up for that over the course of the day.
Nowadays I'm having  5-6 small meals what keeps me full and satisfied
all the time.So I do not need  to indulge in unhealthy food.

Easy ways to lose belly

The next important step is to include some weight loss workout plan in your life
Many women over 40 do not want to go to a gym-and it's not
might feel more comfortable doing a "women  only"class in a Yoga or pilates  studio.
Yoga and especially pilates are great tone your belly.
This will improve your posture too,making you automatically more
                                     Pelvic Floor Exercise - Poise Pilates - Video


Whatever you do,get  your body moving on a daily basis
Every little bit counts,and if the idea  of breaking  a sweat prevents you
from moving your body,go for less strenuous ways.

How about a walk in the park with a friend?

It's best ways to lose belly fat than meeting over coffee and there is no temptation to have
a cake  with it.
You  will have to find out what works best for you..
A good workouts to lose belly fat will assist you in finding out
what fits best into your situation  as a  woman over 40.

1-Eat 5-6 small meals every day,instead of stuffing up 2-3
  times daily.
  This will keep your blood sugar level constant
  and helps eliminating cravings.

2-Start with healthy breakfast.
  It jump-starts  your metabolism in the morning .you really need to get
  that engine running through the day,and keep the fuel tank in an
  appropriate state.
  For that,have small healthy meals-these could be as easy as 2 pieces
  of fruit and some nuts.
  Just make sure ,it fills you up while not having too many calories.
3-The next  important step is to drink enough.
  Your body is only able to flush  out  toxins if you provide enough
  water to cleanse your system.And:if you drink a lot,you 'll a
  automatically feel full easier.
4-For your exercise routine ,Start small..
  You need to start with something that you actually can do long-term
  instead of overloading your schedule with workouts.Additionally,look
  for opportunities  for physical activity  throughout the day.Take
  the stairs instead of the escalator.Park the car further away and walk
  a couple of blocks.

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Yoga relaxation techniques|weight loss tips

relaxing techniques,stress relief yoga,progressive muscle relaxation

Yoga Steps

You might do yoga for physical benefits.Hinduism recognizes there are different types of yoga to
divine like Bhakti yoga,Karma yoga,jhana yoga,Raja yoga.


yoga of devotion it experience divinty or express singing,dancing,listening to praise
of the divine


yoga of services or  selfless service this is  done by acknowledge the divinity in everyone
regarding all her actions as worship


She has to cultivate her mind before she starts the practise of meditation,living a moral life
purification of  the body throughout HATHA yoga,detachment from sense objects to prepare the mind for

When the mind has been trained  to remain fixed on a certain internal or external location,there comes
to it the power of flowing in an unbroken current,as  it were,towards that point.
This state  is called Meditation.
                                                Weight Loss Yoga for Beginner

Benefits of yoga

yoga is  a generic term for physical,metal and spiritual
is known as a gentle form of exercise that benefits every part of the body.
yoga refers  to the  practice of physical posture or poses.

How to reduce stress

1-It helps in weight loss,stress relief,confidence,better relationship,increased
2-Yoga helps to reduce stress,poses create heat in the body and increase the stamina
3-Yoga benefits offers in uniting the body,mind and breath.
4-Yoga is healthy  when you are fit physically,mentally and emotionally.
5-Yoga involves postures,pranayama and meditation etc.
6-Yoga keeps the mind happy and peaceful,a happy and relax mind is better able
  to deal with sensitive relation.
7-Yoga helps to improve your relationship with your parents,friends and you loved ones.

Relaxation Techniques

   breathing techniques for relaxation lets the oxygen to get in the body which is further needed to release
   energy in all  the Aerobic organisms.Humans are also aerobic organisms,so there is ample amount
   of oxygen that is needed for the body to work properly.

1-It is always preferable to practice yoga or pranayama during early morning hours
2-If it is performed during any other time of the day,then make sure that one must not
  have eaten anything 3 hours prior to practicing the breathing techniques
3-If one can  sit on grass and practice pranayama,in open air,the results are positive.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Therapy for Depression|weight loss tips

Therapy for depression

Treatment for Overcoming Anxiety Disorder is achievable  with just a little bit of Exercise.
When i first made the decision of overcoming anxiety disorder  i tried a number
of different methods.First method  i tried with overcoming anxiety disorder was
medication per my Doctor's recommendations,i was on Aropax,Valium and Xanax
which just made me sleepy all the time and Aropax and Valium had the opposite
effect and actually increased my anxiety.It was at this point i started to think about that am i depressed and decided to withdraw
from medication,as i was looking for a solution that would help overcoming anxiety disorder symptoms
certanily not increase my Anxiety!I then resorted  to natural of finding a way
of overcoming anxiety disorder,I tried relaxetion tapes,meditation(Meditation is difficult
to master  at the best of times of which will be discussed in coming articles,If you
intend to try this method of overcoming anxiety disorder I recommend you dedicate at
least half an hour every day to it for at least 6 Months)However the fastest results
I found for overcoming anxiety  disorder came from using this resource.

Benefits exercise for stress

1-Reduce depression symptoms
2-Increase energy
3-Improves sleep
4-Benefits can be immediate
5-Exercise changes brain chemistery
6-Release endorphins
7-Builds self-exteem
8-Aerobic exercise has greatest effect on depression symptoms
9-Exercise that build strentgh can help.


                                          Yoga for beginners -- Twist Sequence - Bharadvajasana

Exercise for depression

1-Choose an activity you enjoy
2-Work towards 30 minutes, 5 days per week
3-Break into smaller session,if necessary
4-Make an appointment with yourself to exercise
5-No excuses
6-Have a back-up plan for bad weather
7-Exercise with a friend
8-keep an exercise log or journal
9-Discover more motivation and enthusiasm to get things alone.
10-Eliminate the  anxious feeling and all the endless worries.
11-Save thousands of dollar on therapy bills and anti-depressants
12-Stop feeling overwhelmed by your own life...and start feeling like you can do anything you set your mind to do.

You Have the power to Dominate Your Depression and Eliminate Those Negative Feelings from your life..


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