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Yoga relaxation techniques|weight loss tips

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Yoga Steps

You might do yoga for physical benefits.Hinduism recognizes there are different types of yoga to
divine like Bhakti yoga,Karma yoga,jhana yoga,Raja yoga.


yoga of devotion it experience divinty or express singing,dancing,listening to praise
of the divine


yoga of services or  selfless service this is  done by acknowledge the divinity in everyone
regarding all her actions as worship


She has to cultivate her mind before she starts the practise of meditation,living a moral life
purification of  the body throughout HATHA yoga,detachment from sense objects to prepare the mind for

When the mind has been trained  to remain fixed on a certain internal or external location,there comes
to it the power of flowing in an unbroken current,as  it were,towards that point.
This state  is called Meditation.
                                                Weight Loss Yoga for Beginner

Benefits of yoga

yoga is  a generic term for physical,metal and spiritual
is known as a gentle form of exercise that benefits every part of the body.
yoga refers  to the  practice of physical posture or poses.

How to reduce stress

1-It helps in weight loss,stress relief,confidence,better relationship,increased
2-Yoga helps to reduce stress,poses create heat in the body and increase the stamina
3-Yoga benefits offers in uniting the body,mind and breath.
4-Yoga is healthy  when you are fit physically,mentally and emotionally.
5-Yoga involves postures,pranayama and meditation etc.
6-Yoga keeps the mind happy and peaceful,a happy and relax mind is better able
  to deal with sensitive relation.
7-Yoga helps to improve your relationship with your parents,friends and you loved ones.

Relaxation Techniques

   breathing techniques for relaxation lets the oxygen to get in the body which is further needed to release
   energy in all  the Aerobic organisms.Humans are also aerobic organisms,so there is ample amount
   of oxygen that is needed for the body to work properly.

1-It is always preferable to practice yoga or pranayama during early morning hours
2-If it is performed during any other time of the day,then make sure that one must not
  have eaten anything 3 hours prior to practicing the breathing techniques
3-If one can  sit on grass and practice pranayama,in open air,the results are positive.



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