Sunday, 22 December 2013

shoulder exercis-Benefits Of Exercise for weight loss

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Benefits of Exercise

Now a days,healthy activity and physical exercise can reduce  high risk of heart disease,blood pressure,cancer and diabetes.There are numerous diseases which can be defeated by daily a few minutes of exercise like Back pain,Osteoporosis,Obesity and all types of diabetes.Major benefit of exercise is improving of self motivation and concertration.Regular physical activity plays role in  improve your positive mood,resistance of diseases and aging factors.

Benefits of Exercise

1-It's madically proven that regular exercise activity  plays a role in  prevention of high risks of  cardioviscular disease.Back exercises also beneficial.
2-Exercise plays role in control blood pressure,diabetes and obesity,also recognized for prevention  of drug addiction  by improving mental health.
3-Exercises like aerobic endurance and resistance training  helps in  physical fitness and chronic cornory artery disease..core exercises also beneficial.
4-Exercise plays role in reducing weight which caused of diabetes,High blood pressure,heart disease and physical  burns extra calories.
5-Exercise improve your muscle strength and enhance your mental and physical endurance capacity by delievering oxygen and nutrients to our tissues by which cardiovascular system works properly.Flexibility exercises in method should have.

Treatment By Exercise

For people facing acute chronic low back pain can reduce the intensity of back pain.Exercise like aerobic performed for hypertensive patients.Health expert's recent research has shown that lifestyle modification can reduce all  types  of diabetes.By regular  exercise senstivity in fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity can be treated..


By regular physical activity you can keep  away heart,lung diseases and diabeets and can improve your mental health by which you can fight against hypertenstion,depression etc.


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