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Best diet for weight loss

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The plan diet is most discussed topic which have been described by various health experts.Today's sole lifestyle has became us lazy and careless about health.We have  no aware or healthy diet what is wrong and right for us.we preferred taste not its nutrition value.In this article we would discuss  diet and its effects on human body.

Best diet for weight loss

It is referred as eating variety of foods fruits,mediterranean diet recipes,vegetables, nuts etc.Consumption of all foods is called balance diet.Foods including fiber,vitamins,minerals,protein,essential part of healthy diet.protein high foods such fish,meat,low cholesterol nuts contain a nutrition which are full of healthy foods.

Benefits of a healthy diet

Now a days,a problem is that how to be got insanity diet plan and which the foods are healthy or not,here we are to solve your problem of getting balance diet.Body needs protein,vitamins,minerals,which can be got variety of foods like as fruits are full of vitamins,dairy products rich in calcium which is most important for strong bones,carbohydrates in root vegetables,oats,cereals,nuts,beans which are catagorized in 3 day diet menu.

Balance diet groups

Fruits and  vegetables such as  banana,pear,apple,green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin B class such as eggs,fish,meat,great source of protein and omega-3.
Dairy products such as milk,cheese,yoghurt use of skimmed milk contain calcium which helps to strong bones.


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