Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wight loss Exercise

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Exercise is such  process in which your whole body involves exercise heart rate by which your rapid breath happens,increase heart beat and body muscles warm up.Exercise increases blood circulation in the body in resulting  your body can work faster than before exercise.The main object of exercise is  to circulate the blood and getting huge amount of oxygen.Body muscles need oxygen because of chemical reaction so that oxygen reduce that chemicals.

weight loss exercise workout

There are 4 kinds of exercise by which you can  get balance,flexibility,strength and endurance.Endurance comes from biking,swimming,tennis,dancing,jogging.Balance comes from  standing  on one foot and heel to toe walk.Flexibility comes from yoga,knee strengthening exercises comes from weight lifting

Aerobic workout

Aerobic exercise relates to light exercises like walk and dancing.It helps to burn your fat and ehance endurance and metabolism.It may be  between 15 to  30 minutes  a day.No required any special training or technique.

Resistance workout

Resistance exercise is much hard than aerobic because to do resistance   you have to use weights, machines,dumbbles,weight bearing exercises, etc.Due to resistance exercise fibers are broken down and again repair to grow strong.The object of resistance exercise is also to  increase muscle  and proper function.

Methods of Resistance workout

There is some hard steps involves like Bar Grips,Limb positioning,back exercises .All are related exercise machines.


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