Friday, 27 December 2013

How many calories to lose weight

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Mostly  people  has accepted the life  with overweight  after trying  and spending a large amount in respect of weight loss,costly supplements,heavy machines,hard exercises etc but failed in getting weight loss and looks impossible to reduce overweight and started think why am i not losing weight ? Here we would discuss some better,enjoyable and absolute free methods by which we can change boring life.A many weight loss success stories shows it is possible with light exercise like aerobic exercise?The answer is Yes but how...!First of all we have to willing that we can reduce calories per day to lose weight with light exercise.

1-Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise is such workout in which heart rate increases by which metabolism grow faster in resulting weight loss.cardio exercise can be lose weight running,jogging,huffing and puffing but remember in start you should 10-20 minutes workout.

2-Abdominal crunch

This exercise is for muscle in stomach and  hips.bend  your legs and laying down on floor.legs position should be 90 degrees and keep your hands on chest crossing each others.lift yours shoulders no with back and lift off the floor and touch your knees with your should repeat  it and add five time more everyday and many people asks question that does yoga help you lose weight? The answer  is yes.

3-Stationary Bike

The best light exercise may be interval training,exercise bicycle in the  gym by increasing heart rate grow faster your metabolism.60 second sprint.

4-foods to eat to lose weight

you have to get  ride of red meats,burger instead of fish,chicken,white  meat and fresh vegetables.water also best source of weight loss instead of supplement.Drink minimum 8 bottles a day.


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