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abdominal exercises

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Abdominal Exercise

Are you a  woman over 40.?you sick and tired of looking like you'd
carry an extra spare tire...?How would you like to get some easy
applicable exercises to lose belly fat In this short article I'll outline
a plan on how to do  exactly that.The first  thing to do is to have an
honest look at your eating habits,and,if necessary,change them.

I've used to skip  breakfast,thinking that i would eat less.But
that's not true :I've made up for that over the course of the day.
Nowadays I'm having  5-6 small meals what keeps me full and satisfied
all the time.So I do not need  to indulge in unhealthy food.

Easy ways to lose belly

The next important step is to include some weight loss workout plan in your life
Many women over 40 do not want to go to a gym-and it's not
might feel more comfortable doing a "women  only"class in a Yoga or pilates  studio.
Yoga and especially pilates are great tone your belly.
This will improve your posture too,making you automatically more
                                     Pelvic Floor Exercise - Poise Pilates - Video


Whatever you do,get  your body moving on a daily basis
Every little bit counts,and if the idea  of breaking  a sweat prevents you
from moving your body,go for less strenuous ways.

How about a walk in the park with a friend?

It's best ways to lose belly fat than meeting over coffee and there is no temptation to have
a cake  with it.
You  will have to find out what works best for you..
A good workouts to lose belly fat will assist you in finding out
what fits best into your situation  as a  woman over 40.

1-Eat 5-6 small meals every day,instead of stuffing up 2-3
  times daily.
  This will keep your blood sugar level constant
  and helps eliminating cravings.

2-Start with healthy breakfast.
  It jump-starts  your metabolism in the morning .you really need to get
  that engine running through the day,and keep the fuel tank in an
  appropriate state.
  For that,have small healthy meals-these could be as easy as 2 pieces
  of fruit and some nuts.
  Just make sure ,it fills you up while not having too many calories.
3-The next  important step is to drink enough.
  Your body is only able to flush  out  toxins if you provide enough
  water to cleanse your system.And:if you drink a lot,you 'll a
  automatically feel full easier.
4-For your exercise routine ,Start small..
  You need to start with something that you actually can do long-term
  instead of overloading your schedule with workouts.Additionally,look
  for opportunities  for physical activity  throughout the day.Take
  the stairs instead of the escalator.Park the car further away and walk
  a couple of blocks.


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