Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Weight loss Fitness

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weight loss
Aerobic exercise are in two different catagaries,Anaerobic exercise and Aerobic exercise and here we compared to anaerobi exercise.Aerobic exercise assosiated with long duration,works the heart,lungs and muscles.Usually Anaerobic exercises are high impect like jumping,weight lifting and more likely be injured as performing anaerobic exercises so be careful

What is this and are the benefits?

Aerobic is type of ednurance exercise to be effective,heart rate has to be within he Aerobic Training  Zone(ATZ)

Aerobic  Training Zone:60-85% of your maximum attainable heart rate (declines with age)

220 - age = maximum attainable heart rate
180-age =midpoint of ATZ
Exercise within this zone has the best endurance benefits

Benefits of physical fitness

1-Strengthens heart muscle
2-Lowers blood pressure
3-improves blood sugar regulation/lowers insulin levels/lower risk of diabetes and cancer
4-Burns fat more effectively-more fat burning enzymes in muscles
5-Produces new blood vessels in the heart-improves collateral circulation.
6-Thins blood
7-Treats depression
8-Improves sleep quality

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wight loss Exercise

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Exercise is such  process in which your whole body involves exercise heart rate by which your rapid breath happens,increase heart beat and body muscles warm up.Exercise increases blood circulation in the body in resulting  your body can work faster than before exercise.The main object of exercise is  to circulate the blood and getting huge amount of oxygen.Body muscles need oxygen because of chemical reaction so that oxygen reduce that chemicals.

weight loss exercise workout

There are 4 kinds of exercise by which you can  get balance,flexibility,strength and endurance.Endurance comes from biking,swimming,tennis,dancing,jogging.Balance comes from  standing  on one foot and heel to toe walk.Flexibility comes from yoga,knee strengthening exercises comes from weight lifting

Aerobic workout

Aerobic exercise relates to light exercises like walk and dancing.It helps to burn your fat and ehance endurance and metabolism.It may be  between 15 to  30 minutes  a day.No required any special training or technique.

Resistance workout

Resistance exercise is much hard than aerobic because to do resistance   you have to use weights, machines,dumbbles,weight bearing exercises, etc.Due to resistance exercise fibers are broken down and again repair to grow strong.The object of resistance exercise is also to  increase muscle  and proper function.

Methods of Resistance workout

There is some hard steps involves like Bar Grips,Limb positioning,back exercises .All are related exercise machines.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Best diet for weight loss

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The plan diet is most discussed topic which have been described by various health experts.Today's sole lifestyle has became us lazy and careless about health.We have  no aware or healthy diet what is wrong and right for us.we preferred taste not its nutrition value.In this article we would discuss  diet and its effects on human body.

Best diet for weight loss

It is referred as eating variety of foods fruits,mediterranean diet recipes,vegetables, nuts etc.Consumption of all foods is called balance diet.Foods including fiber,vitamins,minerals,protein,essential part of healthy diet.protein high foods such fish,meat,low cholesterol nuts contain a nutrition which are full of healthy foods.

Benefits of a healthy diet

Now a days,a problem is that how to be got insanity diet plan and which the foods are healthy or not,here we are to solve your problem of getting balance diet.Body needs protein,vitamins,minerals,which can be got variety of foods like as fruits are full of vitamins,dairy products rich in calcium which is most important for strong bones,carbohydrates in root vegetables,oats,cereals,nuts,beans which are catagorized in 3 day diet menu.

Balance diet groups

Fruits and  vegetables such as  banana,pear,apple,green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin B class such as eggs,fish,meat,great source of protein and omega-3.
Dairy products such as milk,cheese,yoghurt use of skimmed milk contain calcium which helps to strong bones.

Friday, 27 December 2013

How many calories to lose weight

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weight loss

Mostly  people  has accepted the life  with overweight  after trying  and spending a large amount in respect of weight loss,costly supplements,heavy machines,hard exercises etc but failed in getting weight loss and looks impossible to reduce overweight and started think why am i not losing weight ? Here we would discuss some better,enjoyable and absolute free methods by which we can change boring life.A many weight loss success stories shows it is possible with light exercise like aerobic exercise?The answer is Yes but how...!First of all we have to willing that we can reduce calories per day to lose weight with light exercise.

1-Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise is such workout in which heart rate increases by which metabolism grow faster in resulting weight loss.cardio exercise can be lose weight running,jogging,huffing and puffing but remember in start you should 10-20 minutes workout.

2-Abdominal crunch

This exercise is for muscle in stomach and  hips.bend  your legs and laying down on floor.legs position should be 90 degrees and keep your hands on chest crossing each others.lift yours shoulders no with back and lift off the floor and touch your knees with your elbow.you should repeat  it and add five time more everyday and many people asks question that does yoga help you lose weight? The answer  is yes.

3-Stationary Bike

The best light exercise may be interval training,exercise bicycle in the  gym by increasing heart rate grow faster your metabolism.60 second sprint.

4-foods to eat to lose weight

you have to get  ride of red meats,burger instead of fish,chicken,white  meat and fresh vegetables.water also best source of weight loss instead of supplement.Drink minimum 8 bottles a day.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Healthiest foods Almonds for weight loss

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Almonds  are domesticated tree nuts which are full of carbohyderate,dietary fiber,high protein food and amino acids.Almonds are  contain Vitamin E,Vitamin B,and also  minerals  like Calcium,Magnesium,Potassium.Almonds  helps produce fat metabolism and can reduce obesity.Studies has shown almond can prevent of insulin and low level cholesterol.almonds cholesterol plays role in reduce overweight and because of having amino acids can build up the arteries.

Benefits of Almond

1-Reduce Heart diseases
2-Reduce weight loss
3-Reduce Cholesterol
4-Build up  of artery walls
5-Enhance brain function
6-Reduce the risk  of Alzheimer

Almond oil for skin

Almond oil also used as moisture for dry skin and it relieves irritation,dryness,itchiness.Those who are suffering skin problems,almond oil works as moisture and have such ingredient which may be complexion for all types of skin.Due to vitamin E in the almond oil reduce wrinkles by done massage of almond oil regularly can reduce of acne and pimples.

Treatment by Almonds

Almonds have been used for wellness of health because of having rich vitamin E.dietary fiber and minerals by which cancers and diseases can be defeated.Almond leads t o B complex having pantathenic acid,niacin,riboflavin.Latest research has shown eating 1.5 ounces a day can low fat and cholesterol and reduce heart diseases,also help to maintain blood glucose levels who have been suffering from diabetes type 2.
Nutrition Facts
Amount per 100 grams(caloreis  576)
Total Fat 49g
cholesterol 0mg
sodium 1mg
carbohydrates 22g
protein 21g
potassium rich foods 705mg

Monday, 23 December 2013

Aortic Aneurysm Treatment|weight loss tips

How to aortic aneurysms treatment

An aneurysm is in wall of an artery.Thoracic aortic aneurysms appeared in aorta through the chest and abdominal aortic aneurysms appeared through the abdomen.If the aorta bursts,resulting a serious bleeding can  lead to death.borth aneurysms also known as ascending and descending aortic aneurysms.

Aortic aneurysm

aortic aneurysm is flexible elastic which because of high blood pressure arteries become ardening and weaken in resulting tear the weak blges like ballon and can burst if the balloon gets too big.Heart pumps blood into aorta,carries oxygen blood from the heart to your entire body

Aortic aneurysm symptoms

1-Pain in the chest.
2-Lower back.
3-Spreading to the groin.
6-Rapid heart rate
5-shortness of breath.

Treatment  of Aortic aneurysm

Treatment of aortic aneurysm depends on age and several factors.Main treatment is  surgery which carries risk  of complications operation is to cut the bad piece of aorta and replace  with an artical piece of artery.Due to surgery may be dysfunction of the kidneys  with the lungs.Smoking also  leads the people to the aneurysm


Eat healthy diet,stop smoking,exercise and take medicine as your doctor has aked you.people facing aneurysms should have screening ultrasound regularly as schedule.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

shoulder exercis-Benefits Of Exercise for weight loss

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Benefits of Exercise

Now a days,healthy activity and physical exercise can reduce  high risk of heart disease,blood pressure,cancer and diabetes.There are numerous diseases which can be defeated by daily a few minutes of exercise like Back pain,Osteoporosis,Obesity and all types of diabetes.Major benefit of exercise is improving of self motivation and concertration.Regular physical activity plays role in  improve your positive mood,resistance of diseases and aging factors.

Benefits of Exercise

1-It's madically proven that regular exercise activity  plays a role in  prevention of high risks of  cardioviscular disease.Back exercises also beneficial.
2-Exercise plays role in control blood pressure,diabetes and obesity,also recognized for prevention  of drug addiction  by improving mental health.
3-Exercises like aerobic endurance and resistance training  helps in  physical fitness and chronic cornory artery disease..core exercises also beneficial.
4-Exercise plays role in reducing weight which caused of diabetes,High blood pressure,heart disease and physical  burns extra calories.
5-Exercise improve your muscle strength and enhance your mental and physical endurance capacity by delievering oxygen and nutrients to our tissues by which cardiovascular system works properly.Flexibility exercises in method should have.

Treatment By Exercise

For people facing acute chronic low back pain can reduce the intensity of back pain.Exercise like aerobic performed for hypertensive patients.Health expert's recent research has shown that lifestyle modification can reduce all  types  of diabetes.By regular  exercise senstivity in fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity can be treated..


By regular physical activity you can keep  away heart,lung diseases and diabeets and can improve your mental health by which you can fight against hypertenstion,depression etc.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas An Apple for weight loss

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Apples are complex  of healthy food which  are without radicals and helps to get antioxidants  also helps aging process and diseases.Apples are for espacialy for older women proved a good cholesterol levels for eating  some months because apples are foods rich in fiber

 Apple helps in Reducing stroke Risk 

Pears can reduce stroke risks 49% by various researchers,phytochemicals recommends that  compounds are natraly found in plants.apples are full of quercetin and fiber.Apple can be eaten alternative raw food recipes.apple leads to dietary fiber.

 Apple are against diseases

The Latest research has shown that an apple eat a day or drinking of apple juice helps to reduce heart diseases,because apples contain phytochemicals compounds in them which helps to act as antioxidants.Apples aslo contain pectins,a soluble fibre which helps in lowering cholesterol levels.foods like fruits are have a large amount of nutriition again diseases.
 Apples contain Antioxidant
Apples helps to decrease cell mambrane fats,and decrease oxidation,aslo provides of vitamin C which depends on flavonoids.apple are compound of polyphenol which helps to lower risk of asthma.Apples are not in low  calories foods.

Apple help to prevent Lung Cancer

Apples are full of phytochemials that can improve a lung function proplerlly.Apple are contain flavooids as quercetin,procyonodins,and catechin.Apple helps to opening and closing of the  pores by which lungs produce energy to the skin.when lung funtion acts poorly it shows symptoms like high fever,dry nose,dry throat, and constipation that caused by poor function of lungs.where you have felt  that you are getting low calorie meals you can eat apple a day.

Apple Reduce Heart disease Risk

Studies has shown that  apples  are rich of soluble fiber(pectin) which stops cholestrol absorption in the body and empower to body use it.Apples also contain  chemical ursolic acid which is helping of muscle and keeps blood sugar control and cholesterol.its in includs that are high in fiber.


Apples are known as very nutritious which helps in preventing,heart diseases,because of having full of fiber and pectin in them.d


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