Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Weight loss Fitness

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weight loss
Aerobic exercise are in two different catagaries,Anaerobic exercise and Aerobic exercise and here we compared to anaerobi exercise.Aerobic exercise assosiated with long duration,works the heart,lungs and muscles.Usually Anaerobic exercises are high impect like jumping,weight lifting and more likely be injured as performing anaerobic exercises so be careful

What is this and are the benefits?

Aerobic is type of ednurance exercise to be effective,heart rate has to be within he Aerobic Training  Zone(ATZ)

Aerobic  Training Zone:60-85% of your maximum attainable heart rate (declines with age)

220 - age = maximum attainable heart rate
180-age =midpoint of ATZ
Exercise within this zone has the best endurance benefits

Benefits of physical fitness

1-Strengthens heart muscle
2-Lowers blood pressure
3-improves blood sugar regulation/lowers insulin levels/lower risk of diabetes and cancer
4-Burns fat more effectively-more fat burning enzymes in muscles
5-Produces new blood vessels in the heart-improves collateral circulation.
6-Thins blood
7-Treats depression
8-Improves sleep quality


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